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Prof. Dr. Herbert Stoyan

Professor and head at the IMMD VIII.

Academic Interests

I teach the following courses:

AI problems. I try to compile a list of basic AI problems like: Frame problem, Qualification problem, ...

AI methods. AI methods are programming methods, and as those, methods to implement AI programming languages.

Expert Systems. A course through all stages of expert system development.

Logical foundations of AI and Knowledge Representation. What is knowledge? What is formalization? Criteria of adequacy (ontological, epistemological, heuristical). Representation languages and their applicability areas. Ask, Tell and Forget

Research Interests

Knowledge Acquisition. How to find the right ontology, to formalize a domain which is expressed in clear scientific terms.

Application of AI to Mathematics. How to prove like a mathematician, how to support him with information which interests him.

AI programming languages. How to implement known languages more efficient, to define new expressive languages.

Look at my book (in german): Kapitel1 Kapitel2 LISP history. see

Look at my book (in german): Kapitel1 Kapitel2 Kapitel3 Kapitel4 Kapitel5 Kapitel6

Distributed data bases on the WWW. Most of them are related to person history:

  • descendants of Charlemagne

  • WW-Person, an index of european nobility

  • European battles

  • a paper on WW-Person

  • descendants of Valentin Parcham, town mayor of Treptow/Rega

  • a genweb data base by the Siemens GK
  • Coat of Arms

  • Wie man eine Autobiographie schreiben sollte

  • Kinderheim Klus

  • Bilder meines verstorbenen Sohns Norman

  • How to contact me ...

    At work

    +49 9131 85-29906
    +49 9131 85-29905
    Am Weichselgarten 9 D-91058 Erlangen-Tennenlohe Germany
    Room 201

    At home:

    +49 ???? ?????
    Strasse Wohnort