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Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Time and Place: Wednesday 10:15-11:45, Haberstrasse 2, 3.023

Lecture in the Computer Science (Informatik) Bachelor or Master/Diploma and Computational Engineering Master programs

Prerequistes: Basic knowledge in programming and logic

Certificate: It is possible to acquire a graded certification ("benoteter Schein")

Credit hours: 2 (SWS) ECTS: 2,5

Exercises: Wednesday 14:15-15:45, Haberstrasse 2, 3.023. Credit hours: 2 (SWS) ECTS: 2,5


  1. Introduction [.pdf]
  2. What is Artificial Intelligence? [.pdf]
  3. Fundamental Concepts: Knowledge, Concept Formation, Knowledge Structures [.pdf]
  4. Representation and Reasoning [.pdf]
  5. (Logical) Domain Modelling [.pdf]
    Example: Frame Representation of Circuits Example (Fikes, Stanford) (local copy) [.pdf]
  6. The Language of First-Order Logic and Knowledge Representation [.pdf]
  7. Description Logics (DL): Structural DL [.pdf]
  8. Propositional DL [.pdf]
  9. DL, Knowledge Bases, Data Bases and Formal Ontologies Part 1 [.pdf] Part 2 [.pdf]
  10. Computational Logics: Proof Procedures and Unification [.pdf]
  11. Non-monotonic Reasoning, Belief Revision and Reason Maintenance [.pdf]
  12. Intensional and Modal Logic [.pdf]
  13. Language, Logic and Semantics [.pdf]
  14. Probability and Statistical Inference

Additional Teaching Material available on-line

  • Richard Fikes' Lecture (Stanford University): CS222: Knowledge Representation
  • Knowledge in Action (U. Toronto): Resources for Reiter's book, including code
  • Ian Horrocks and Peter F. Patel-Schneider: KR and Reasoning on the Semantic Web: OWL. In: Handbook of Semantic Web Technologies, chapter 9, 2010
  • Description Logics Tutorials by Ian Horrocks, in particular see
  • Description Logic Complexity Navigator
  • OWL Web Ontology Language Guide

  • References:

  • Baader, F. et al. (Ed.): The Description Logic Handbook -- Theory, Implementation and Applications. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001
  • Barwise, J., Etchemendy, J.: The Language of First-Order Logic. Tarski´s World 4.0. CSLI Lecture Notes No. 34, 3rd ed. Stanford, 1992/95
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  • Software:

  • Theorem Provers for Dialogue Logic
  • The Protégé Ontology Editor and Knowledge Acquisition System (KSL, Stanford University)
  • Description Logic Reasoners
  • Pellet OWL 2 Reasoner
  • The RACER Description Logic System
  • The FaCT++ Description Logic System (U. Manchester)
  • The CLASSIC Description Logic System (faui80: directory /usr/local/classic2.3)
  • The Wines Data Base in CLASSIC
  • ... and in OWL
  • Database of Existing Mechanized Reasoning Systems
  • Software from AI Books
  • CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository

  • Useful Links:

  • The Official Description Logics Home Page
  • Information Management Group (U. Manchester), see Ontologies and Semantic Web

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